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Easy Outlook Express Repair (download - EULA). Actually, there are a great number of dangers, that can affect information systems. Email is one of the most vulnerable components of your PC, that's why, you should pay attention to ensure its safety. In spite of all measures, email represents one of the most popular ways to distribute viruses and other malware. Outlook Express stores all messages, contacts and other documents in a file of dbx format. So, it is not easy for some antivirus programs to unpack all files and check them for errors. As a result, your mailbox may be easily corrupted. One day, users may try to open Outlook Express, but they see something like: Mailbox is corrupted, it cannot be opened. In such cases, a backup copy may help you, but do you know what does it mean and do you really have good computer skills? Easy Outlook Express Repair is not interested in your technical skills, this program is very easy, just launch it and press Next, when your mailbox is successfully found and selected.

Do not wait and try this program absolutely for free with Outlook Express repairs. Easy Outlook Express Repair is shareware, free demo version is available here. This program uses an intelligent data recovery engine, when processing dbx files, that permits to repair messages more efficiently. Please note, that messages from Deleted Items folder will not be retrieved. It should be also noted, that users of free demo version will be unable to repair more, than the last ten messages from damaged dbx.

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Easy Outlook Express Repair OE repair tool converts your mailbox to separate files of *.eml format, that can be opened by any email client. This tool permits to choose any path to save the data from damaged dbx, you should enter the path manually to appropriate field of recover mail. Otherwise, all messages will be saved to their default location with Outlook Express repairs.

Recovering Outlook Express Mail

Do not hesitate and save your mailbox, even if it is affected by viruses. Easy Outlook Express Repair OE repair tool will efficiently unpack files with dbx extension and extract separate files, if it is possible. Please note, that Easy Outlook Express Repair cannot guarantee, that all messages will be retrieved successfully, it depends on many factors. However, Easy Outlook Express Repair is the best way to troubleshoot Outlook Express with recovering Outlook Express mail.

This program gives a chance to avoid losing of critical information. Please try it now and make sure, which messages will be successfully repaired, we're waiting for your comments, if any.

Disclaimer: please note that Easy Outlook Express Repair is not open source software or a free tool. Our software development team has invested a lot of time and efforts into making it a remarkably efficient product and we have no intention to distribute it as a free tool. Easy Outlook Express Repair not include donate. This is a software with a free DEMO easy version. The tool is not provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).