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Actually, email represents one of the most important tools for business. Therefore, mailbox corruption may affect the whole enterprise. Since Outlook Express stores mailboxes on client PC's, it is not possible to restore emails without backup copies and IT department cannot help. So, if your mailbox is corrupted, you will be unable to restore it with any program from your standard Windows package. Is there a solution, that can help to extract messages from corrupted files of dbx format? No need to search any more. Besides other prophylactic measures, Easy Outlook Express Repair (download - EULA) can help, when your mailbox is already corrupted. DBX files may be easily opened with Easy Outlook Express Repair, Inbox.dbx extractor is safe.

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Extracting Outlook Express DBX files

You can stop looking for other solutions, Easy Outlook Express Repair is a reliable program, that uses unique dbx extract algorithms, developed by our engineers. If your mailbox is crashed and Outlook Express refuses to open it, you may need Easy Outlook Express Repair. Please do not hesitate to download this program right now, demo version is free, regardless of the fact, if you going to purchase it or not. It is very small, download of Easy Outlook Express Repair will take less than a minute, just double click on its executable to start working.

Make sure, that it is very easy. No need to waste your time and read manuals, its intuitive user interface permits to start working immediately. When started, Easy Outlook Express Repair inbox.dbx extractor suggests to select a mailbox in Outlook Express from its default location. If it is absent, you can choose a file of dbx format manually. After this, press Next to continue and start mailbox recovery. When done, you can preview messages, that can be repaired successfully, however, messages from Deleted Items folder cannot be retrieved.

How to extract dbx?

Demo version users can retrieve only the last 10 emails from their mailboxes. So, please proceed with registration of Easy Outlook Express Repair and forget about limitations. In spite of the fact, that it is very easy, we welcome all comments and questions with regard to Easy Outlook Express Repair dbx extraction tools. Please let us know, what do you think about this program to extract messages from sent items.dbx, you may influence its improvement, all comments and testimonials are carefully reviewed within 24 hours. If our engineers of dbx extraction tools need more time to discuss your proposal with regard to Outlook dbx restore, you will be notified about it.

Do not wait, until your mailbox will be completely destroyed, try Easy Outlook Express Repair now. This program cannot be used for illegal purposes and for unauthorized access. You can help your colleagues to repair their mailboxes, only after their permission for extracting dbx files and dbx extract.

Extracting .dbx files

Easy Outlook Express Repair is compatible with all supported versions of Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows. You should understand, this program for extracting dbx files and repairing dbx files cannot guarantee, that all emails will be successfully retrieved. If your mailbox is seriously damaged, some emails may be lost, you can compare different mail recovery solutions and make sure, that Easy Outlook Express Repair works better due to its unique data recovery engine for extracting mail from dbx files.

This tool for repairing dbx files and extract dbx files saves a lot of time for manual recovery. It is very difficult to restore all contacts without Easy Outlook Express Repair. Moreover, some email addresses, contracts and agreements may be lost, because sometimes other copies of these files do not exist.

Disclaimer: Easy Outlook Express Repair is not open source software or freeware. The program is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The tool is distributed on the try-before-you-buy basis and comes with a free DEMO version.