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Easy Outlook Express Repair (download - EULA). Outlook Express is a popular and easy to use email client, it is widely used in many offices. This tool has a great number of features, that turns simple messaging into a powerful communication program. Users can edit HTML templates and add various attachments. However, Outlook Express has some disadvantages, that can lead to failures.

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First of all, all attachments are stored together with messages in a file of dbx format. As a result, the size of dbx files may become very large. In the same file, Outlook Express stores messages, attachments and contacts. Your attachments may contain malware, that was not detected by your antivirus client and firewall. Despite the fact, that Outlook Express can process large files, its working efficiency will be lower. Early versions of Outlook Express are more unstable, that the latest ones, that is why it is much easier to lose your mailbox. The problem is that Outlook Express does not have a reliable spam filter, that's why, your mailbox may become overflowed, even if your correspondence is not so extensive.

If one day you get an error, when trying to access Outlook Express corrupted files and your mailbox in Outlook Express format, it means, that all safety measures, performed by you or by your system administrators are useless. It is at once apparent, that only a backup copy can help to restore the data. If your backup copy is ready, the mailbox can be restored in several minutes and without any efforts. Otherwise, your mailbox will be lost and it may affect your business. Users may waste a lot of time, asking their partners to resend agreements and contract, it may violate the reputation of your company.

Easy Outlook Express Repair is a reliable tool, that helps to get your mailbox back and almost without efforts. Data recovery represents two easy steps, extra settings are absent, the process can be performed by anyone with minimal technical skills. So, if your mailbox is corrupted and you do not know, what to do, try Easy Outlook Express Repair. Most likely, it is the only tool, that can help, when Outlook Express 6 corrupted, Outlook Express 6 recovery and Outlook Express data recovery.

Data Recovery Outlook Express

Easy Outlook Express Repair is shareware, that's why, you can try it before purchase of Outlook Express help. Our support engineers will be glad to have your opinion with regard to this program. Do not hesitate to send us a notice, if something is not clear or you have any feedback. All comments are carefully reviewed, answers are usually sent within 24 hours. The size of Easy Outlook Express Repair is so small, that it can be downloaded in less than a minute.

When installed, users should select a file of dbx format, that cannot be opened by Outlook Express. By default, Easy Outlook Express Repair makes it automatically, but you should enter the path manually, if your mailbox was renamed or replaced. Press Next to continue with the analysis and move to the following step of data previewing. It must be noted, that Easy Outlook Express Repair will not retrieve messages and other objects from Deleted Items folder. For another thing, your mailbox may be seriously corrupted and some messages will be lost without Outlook Express 6 recovery.

Demo users are unable to save 100% of their mailboxes, only 10 messages will be recovered with Outlook Express help. If you'd like to remove limitations, you should register your copy of Easy Outlook Express Repair and purchase this program to fix Outlook Express corrupted files and Outlook Express data recovery. Please also note, that Easy Outlook Express Repair is not a software crack and users cannot access other mailboxes without permissions of respective account owners.

Note: Unlike open source programs and freeware tools, mail-repair.com issues its data recovery tools under its own proprietary license, not GNU General Public License (GPL) or similar one. Freeware version of Easy Outlook Express Repair is distributed without additional restrictions, but you should donate to the mail-repair.com community and start repairing DBX files without additional limitations.